What May Happen After Listening to “Genda Phool”?

What Happened To Him After Listening "Genda Phool"?
Have you listed to Genda Phool?

If you are a Bollywood fan then you definitely heard the song “Genda Phool” by Badshah (Fake Badshah of Bollywood, not actual Badshah – SRK). It’s gone viral all over India and Bangladesh across Facebook and Youtube platform. This song is so viral that autistic people from TikTok can’t resist themself to cover this song in that autism platform.

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Reason Behind Its Success

There are some questions about the quality of this song. But how the song got viral, that’s surprising. Some viewers (not listeners) claimed that they are watching this song only for Jacqueline Fernandez’s dance. Some mentioned that they listened to this song for some Bengali lyrics in this, especially from Bangladeshi Bollywood fans. Others have no clue why they have listened to this song.

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Side Effects

Now let’s come to the actual point. It’s a matter of sorrow that a man from Nowakhali (Future Capital of Bangladesh) have been died after listening to “Genda Phool” again and again. His friend Akib from Feni told Sarcasm Guru in an interview that his friend (Mehraz) was a very decent guy. He liked “Genda Phool” only for  Jacqueline Fernandez as he is a die-hard fan of her. After a while, Mehraz became bored with the actual music video that’s why he searched and watched other cover videos too. But when he saw TikTok cover videos of autistic generation, he became very much angry and couldn’t handle the situation. As a result, Mehraz got a heart attack and Akib lost his best friend. Akib blamed the autistic generation for his friend’s death and opens a case file against this community.

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Some Positivity according to Autistic Generation

Otherside, TikTok users are very happy with this song. They claimed that they can perform well with some amazing mental steps with this song and want some more songs like this from their fake Badshah. This community believes that only Badshah has the ability to sustain their community with his contributions.

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Here is a pro tip: Don’t Listen to “Genda Phool” if you really want to survive. Because if you are in Quarantine, you may safe from Corona Virus but if you listen to this song you may die faster than the coronavirus. 


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