Things That We Should Learn from Shah Rukh Khan

What can we learn from Shahrukh Khan?
Shah Rukh Khan

No matter which country you belong to, no matter wheater you are an Indian cinema fan or not, no matter you know Shah Ruh Khan or not. If you search google for “World’s Biggest Movie Star”, you definitely got the name “Shah Rukh Khan”.  Yes, he is a very successful and famous film actor and you are reading this article in Sarcasm Guru‘s entertainment section. But today I am not gonna share anything about his film career or related stuff, not even anything related to entertainment. I am just pointing out some things that we should learn from this superstar, Shah Rukh Khan.

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Speaks With Calm

Shah Rukh Khan aka SRK posses very cool and relaxed behavior. He always speaks with a calm, no matter what the situation is. He always gives fabulous cool answers even to very controversial questions. SRK has a great sense of humor too and always gives cool answers according to his humor. Once in an interview, he said,

“When a movie flops, we find hundreds of excuses, rights from the color of one’s socks to the Great Wall of China.”

We can learn how to be cool in any situation from him. Even we can learn how to talk politely and smartly from him.

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Informed Attituded

His attitude is well-informed. Whenever he speaks about something, he’s something really worth sharing in his mind. He’s got knowledge about what he talks about. Even when he makes movies, he collects the background compulsory knowledge-base behind that movie. No matter what work he is going to do, he always researches and gathers knowledge for this. We can learn this kind of informed & planned attitude.

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Up to Dated

Shah Rukh Khan is always up to date with the latest technology, gadgets, and information. He is a regular book reader no matter hard copy or soft copy. He is very enthusiastic about gathering information and keeps updated with social media too. So, to be up to date, we should practice gathering knowledge and information on a regular basis.

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High Passion

The man keeps his passion high, always. Passion in someone’s life is as must as having a key to start a vehicle. You’re to ignite your talent with the key of ‘your passion’ to drive your life. So higher the passion is, the higher will be the chance of getting the goal achieved and SRK knows it very well. Developing a six-pack in his 40s for the “Dard-e-Disco” song in the “Om Shanti Om” movie is an example of his passion. He is so successful not only in the film industry but also in his business career. From selling movie tickets job to the world’s 2nd richest actor and the world’s biggest movie star, not possible without his high passion. So, let’s have a high passion like SRK.

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