That 4 Entrepreneurs Who Failed At The Beginning

Entrepreneurs Who Failed At The Beginning

Every human being has failed one time or more than one time in the passage of life. Failure is an integral part of life. Although it is undesirable, failure shows us the way to success. But their response to that failure and how much they have learned from it and how they have used it has made a difference in their career path.

But most of us get frustrated with the failures for which we don’t get success in our career. Today I will tell the story of 4 famous entrepreneurs, each of whom ended up with a mountain of success, but at the beginning of their story, there were failures. The story of their failure can be very instructive for all of us to understand how to deal with the failures of our own lives.

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1. Steve Jobs: Who Was Fired From His Own Company

People who don’t know Steve Jobs probably won’t be found in museums. Steve Jobs is known as an entrepreneur for his innovative thinking. He has changed the world of technology with one new thought after another. He is one of the few who have come to this stage in the world of modern technology. But once in his life came the black chapter. He also dealt with that failure vigorously.

Jobs found success before he was in his thirties when Apple became a huge empire. But that success was a nightmare for Jobs when Apple’s board of directors decided to fire him. Because they thought Jobs was not suitable for running an economically successful company like Apple.

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2. Bill Gates: Whose First Company Collapsed Like A ‘House of Cards’

Bill Gates is now one of the richest people in the world, but his path to success was not easy at all. The first company to start Gates’ career as an entrepreneur was Traff-O-Data, which aimed to process and analyze data from traffic videos. They also make a hardware device for this. For a long time, he invested his labor and money in it.

When he tried to sell the idea with his business partner Paul Allen, their device did not work. The company collapsed before it could begin. But Bill Gates did not give up though he has failed and began to work harder. A few years later, he founded Microsoft. And the next story we all know!

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3. The Founder Of The World’s Most Successful Blog ‘Halfpost’ Was Rejected 36 Times

Halfpost is currently one of the largest blogs in the world, formerly known as The Huffington Post. One wonders if its founder, Ariana Huffington, who is now the brightest star in the online writer world, was once rejected by three dozen publishers. Huffington’s second book, which he sought to publish long before he established his empire, was rejected not once, not twice, but thirty-six times before it was published!

The Huffington Post was not as successful in the beginning. When the blog was first launched, it was flooded with negative reviews, and many negative comments were heard about its quality and effectiveness. But Huffington has overcome those failures to become the owner of one of the most successful blogs in the world. He is the best example of those who want to take blogging as a career.

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4. Walt Disney Has Been Called “Lacking In Creativity”!

Walt Disney, one of the most creative figures of the twentieth century, was once fired from a newspaper job for lack of creativity. Disney then tried to make something stand out from the crowd, just read the book and mastered the nuances of animation alone. His first attempt was his own animation company – Laugh-O-Gram Films, and his animation works gained popularity in the area. But he has failed to run that and also had to shut down the company financially.

He then went to Hollywood to find a way, where he also faced reprimand. But he did not give up. He has always tried. Then slowly some of his films started to gain popularity. He won the hearts of the people of the world with his creativity, imagination, and craftsmanship. After that, he did not have to look back on his career. Disney is now the largest film studio in the world.

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So the next time you face failure in life, take inspiration from these stories. Remember, there are countless successful people scattered around the world now, who have succeeded today because they have continued to try without giving up after failed several times. These people can be your daily inspiration.

Just as there are many obstacles in life, there may be disasters in your life due to your mistakes. So learn from mistakes in every time you failed and stick to your goals no matter how big the obstacle. You must be successful, no one can stop you.

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