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Stop Wasting Time On Facebook Rather than Utilizing it

Stop Wasting Time On Facebook Rather than Utilizing it
Are You Facebook Addicted?

Maybe you are finding this article from searching google or Facebook, no matter by what but the main point is you are not happy using Facebook as it takes away lots of your valuable time. Yes, it’s very hard to control yourself from refraining from Facebook. You have probably read a lot of “break the addiction” posts that simply say you should deactivate your account. 90% of the time you will just get on three days later and reactivate it. I am not telling you to stop using it or delete/deactivated your account. I am going to provide you some tips to stop wasting time on fb as well as to utilize your time using it. A little bit confused? Ok, let’s get started.

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Don’t post or share anything unnecessarily

Don’t post unnecessarily and status update or share anything more than 2 times a day unless you want to be an attention seeker. Less you post, less you get notifications. Which dramatically reduce your time on Facebook.

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Most people don’t give a shit about you

It’s a fact. Don’t waste your time trying to impress others. Don’t try to seek attention. People mostly care about their problems, needs, and goals only. Achieving some likes on the Facebook post does not reflect anything in real life. So, save your time by stopping seek attention and impress others in the virtual world.

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Ignore friend requests from unknown people

Don’t accept an unknown person’s friend request. Accepting unknown friend requests nothing adds value to you. And do you have more than 1000 friends? Clean up your friend list now.

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Turn off Facebook chat

You will receive significantly fewer messages. Some people are just too bored and looking for someone to chat with. It’s not your duty to accompany someone in the virtual world by killing your own valuable time. Think twice about your time and in which you use it.

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Follow informative Facebook pages

Rebuild your news feed. Like Facebook pages that improve yourself. Gather knowledge/information even when you are scrolling your news feed. Here are 2 must-follow pages: TED, and  National Geographic.

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Find and Join Related Facebook group and leave others

Find out and join your profession related or interest-based Facebook group. Leave other unnecessary groups to avoid unnecessary notifications. Otherwise, it will consume lots of your time.

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Turn off unnecessary Facebook notifications

  • For Website: Click on the arrow at the top right corner. Select Settings > Notifications.
  • For Mobile App: Tap the menu button. Select Account Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push.
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Follow these simple steps to reduce your Fb using time. Facebook is not bad at all if you properly utilize your time using it. Focus on your real life, do something in your real life, rather than seeking attention and trying to impress others in the virtual world. Use Facebook to kill your leisure time. Don’t let it to kill your valuable


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