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Stop Spreading Fake News/Rumors

Stop Spreading Fake News/Rumors
Are you spreading rumors?

It’s not a new thing to spread fake news/rumors on trending topics nowadays. Rumors are got viral overnight within the internet, more specifically through Facebook. Who is responsible for this? The short answer is, It’s YOU, ME & WE. If we stop spreading rumors, there is nothing reason left behind to spread them anymore. But the question is, HOW? According to the specialist, we have to check the received information’s “health” or “source”.  Let’s have a look into more details.

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Stop and Think

You want your friends and family to stay safe, stay careful. So, whatever you got any information or news, you quickly forward or share those with them. And this is the best possible way to spread fake news/rumors. So, the specialist suggests, we should stop before sharing every information and think about what you gonna share. Do you have any doubt or confusion about the acceptance of the information/news? Then make it clear first. It’s not a tough task in the era of Google. You are quite familiar with the big news giants like BBC & CNN. Give yourself 5 minutes to check or verify the news. Maybe your 5 minutes of thinking will be the biggest reason not to spread any fake news.

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Check the Source 

Before sharing anything, ask yourself where this information came from. If the answer is “friend of a friend” or “neighbor aunty’s colleague”, then please stop sharing. If you don’t have any clear source of received news, don’t share it. Try to share only the respective expert’s information. Remember, an expert’s information is thousands of times better than the information provided by “friend of a friend” or “neighbor aunty’s colleague”.

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Is it fake? 

After observing a bunch of viral fake news, experts got to know that maximum of fake news spread by screenshot. That screenshot might be the official page or website of the Government Ministry. It even might be the official page or website of BBC or CNN. So, before sharing any of the information given in the screenshot, make sure to check the authenticity. I am not saying every information given in the screenshot is fake. Since screenshots can be easily made and most rumored in this way, so before sharing, do a little check. Can’t you spend 3-5 minutes to verify the authenticity? Can’t you stop spreading the rumor with your hands?

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Don’t Understand the Truth? Don’t Share

Sometimes we got some news which we are unable to find the actual source or authenticity. But sometimes just our mind agrees with the news, we do share thinking that it might be helpful for others. Trust me, you are doing more harm rather than do good. You are an educated person who failed to understand what actual truth is, how is it possible to find the truth for a less educated person? Maybe a less educated person thinks that it’s a hundred percent true because he knows you are an educated person who is supposed to not share anything without verifying. so, if your share information is wrong, it definitely harmful for others. So, we should refrain from sharing information which we are not sure of enough. It’s another best way to stop spreading fake news.

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In this article, we discussed some easy points to spread fake news/rumors. This is not rocket science, very easy some basic points. If we do not share any fake news then how is it possible to spread fake news? Be careful.  


Source: Shadhin School


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