Medicine of Corona Found in Bangladesh?

Medicine Of Corona

“Medicine of Corona is Falling from the Sky” recently this news got viral across social media and some cheap online news media.

Hey guys, welcome to Sarcasm Guru. Meet Bangladesh, meet the land of rumors. Their people love to spread rumors either they are so illiterate to verify rumors or they spread them as fun. This is so unbearable that their government has to take law action against those rumors creators and spreaders. Do you believe it? Yes, anything can be possible in Bangladesh.

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Whatever the scenario is, recently some people posted pictures mentioning that they found corona’s medicine. That sounds nice but where they found it? Some of them claimed they found it near empty land or their courtyard. Their found medicine looks like a granular seed. This material is never seen before, so they are sure that it was fallen from the sky overnight as medicine of Corona.


Sarcasm Guru investigates more deeply and found some more details behind this story. This rumor first spread from Satkania, Chittagong which is the south part of Bangladesh. Satkania is well known for spreading rumors for many years. They are a strong community because their people living not only all over Bangladesh but also all over the world for work purposes. So, they can easily spread rumors fastest than lightning speed.

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It’s a waste of time trying to stop those dumb people from rumors. But YOU can stop spreading rumors by not sharing those just to make fun. Just because sharing is free on social media, you cannot abuse it. Use your social media’s SHARE button wisely.

Source: Shadhin School

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