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How To Spot Fake News?

How to Spot Fake News?

In today’s age of the internet and technology, everything is now at hand. We don’t have to wait for the newspaper to come tomorrow morning to know what happened today. Thanks to the availability of the internet and social media, it is now easy to get news. It is also very easy to spread fake news with the help of technology.

In third-world countries like Bangladesh and India, the problem of rumor / fake news is obvious. The reason why this problem is so widespread in those countries is that we believe it without any verification. That’s why Fake News is easily going viral. And by capitalizing on us, some dishonest people are making fake news viral and bringing visitors to that website to earn money from advertising.

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Moreover, this problem is existing all over the world. The spread of technology and the availability of the Internet is the only reason for spreading Fake News. But is stopping the use of technology will be the only way to stop spreading Fake News? Not at all. With a little awareness, we can easily distinguish between real news and fake news.

1. Website name/Domain Name

The domain of the website is the main identity of a website. For example, the name of our website is Moreover,,, etc. are among the big news media in the world. If we look at this domain, we will understand whether the news is real or not.

But if the domain name has any or all of the following features, then the news is likely to be fake.

  • A domain name is quite strange (e.g.,
  • Duplicate a very popular or well-known news domain (e.g.,
  • Domain name is too large and do not use known domain extensions (.com, .net, .org etc.) (eg,
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2. The News did not publish in other well-known Websites

There are many news media websites that are universally recognized, have survived for many years, are neutral and professional. For example – BBC, New York Times, The Guardian, etc. Fake news never spreads from these websites and there is no possibility of spreading fake news either.

If you are getting any news from any other website, check through other well-known and reputed news websites if it is there or not. If not, then you will get the answer.

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3. Other news on that website

Now suppose the domain name of the website is very reliable (maybe a new news medium). The news you get is not unbelievable. So what is the way to be sure now? The way is, you should look into other news on that website. Suppose the news of “SRK going to work in Hollywood for free” seems reliable to you. Now you look at the rest of the news on that website. If you look at the news – “Katerina Kaif leaves Bollywood to be more focused in her YouTube Channel ” or “Shah Rukh Khan gifted his KKR team to Salman Khan”, then I hope you will easily understand whether that website is giving real news or fake news.

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4. Is the news giving about a miracle event in the future?

People’s interest in supernatural or miraculous phenomena has always been very high. And by capitalizing on this interest, fake news is spread. Because this kind of news goes viral in the blink of an eye. Many times there are phrases like “according to NASA research”, “scientists’ announcement” etc. to make the news more believable. And when we see these phrases, we sincerely believe them without going through any verification.

For example, “NASA predicts that a huge meteorite will hit the universe on November 30.” The headline of the news is such that you may be confused as to whether you will believe it or not. But you know the solution. Follow steps 2 and 3 above to verify the news.

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5. Clickbait

Clickbait is something attractive as a piece of cake so that people are keen to click on that link. Clickbait’s headline is different from the general news headline. For example: “What did Kareena Kapoor do, watch the video.”

In general, clickbait is centered around stars or popular people. That is, whenever you see a headline that is too catchy or has a reputation for being reputable to any famous person, it is more likely to be fake news.

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But you need to know about another type of website. That is Sarcasm or Humor websites. There are many websites where sarcasm/humor is served.

Although their first looks will seem like professional media. The job of these websites is not to present fake news but to entertain people. Most of their readers read their news for entertainment, although new readers often think it to be true.

If the news on the important topic is very humorous, then there is a possibility that the website is humorous or sarcastic. Such as –,, our (sarcasm guru) humor section, etc.

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Hopefully, after knowing the above information you will never be confused with Fake News again. And if we make ourselves aware of each other’s positions, then Fake News will not spread surely. That is why it is wise to verify the truth of the news before thinking or saying it and to share the news by verifying the truth. When this news stops going viral, dishonest people will not be able to make money from that news and will be forced to stop spreading this fake news.

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