Fail Means THE END?


Almost all of us have the experience of failing in life. Just failing that test is not a failure. In the course of life, we face failure in many ways. Fail means the end? – The simple answer is “no”. But the easier it is to give this answer, the harder it is to accept it after failing.

Such consolation after failing somewhere is of no use though. But failing once or twice in your student life (for example, not being able to pass an exam, not getting a promotion in a class, or not being admitted to the university of your choice) but seemingly a big failure will not have a significant impact on your life.

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You can fail in many ways in life. But don’t get frustrated or frustrated with the cost or fall behind. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Life is yours, you have to do it. Today I will discuss some points that I believe will help you overcoming to fail.

1. There is No Way to be Disappointed

Will not be depressed in any way. No matter how big the failure. If you are depressed and think deeply about failing, it will only increase your anxiety. And in this way, the chances of success later are also reduced.

Because these two things end us from the inside out. Most importantly, if you become depressed after failing somewhere, that depression will slowly remind you of all the mistakes you have made so far in your life and will make you feel so insignificant that you will never be able to recover from that failure. That’s why if you try to make the present better without suffering from unnecessary depression, the old failure will become insignificant compared to your present.

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2. It Will Be By YOU

You really fail the day you think “nothing will happen to me”. In fact, nothing will happen to you because you do not have the morale to succeed. You have to be successful, you have to fight in a hostile environment. No one will ever come to fight for you. So you have to awaken the belief that “I can do it, I will do it”.

So always think of yourself as very valuable, maybe this time success has not come but it does not mean that you are useless. Walking down the street can cause your feet to slip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand up thinking you don’t have the ability to move forward. Motivate yourself. Because there is nothing more on self-motivation.

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3. Dreams and Hard Work – Just Like Breathing

Failure can come, it can come once or many times. This does not mean that you will end your dream. Remember this failure is temporary. If you can’t implement the dream in the same way, you will do it differently. Always make the right plan for the realization of dreams and goals. And the right plan always has one or more plans backed up with the original plan. When one plan doesn’t work, move on to another.

Try it one by one. You will be successful if you remain steadfast in your goal, do not give up, and work tirelessly. Remember everything is forced to accept the rate of hard work.

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The most common of our sayings about failure is “Failure is the pillar of success” and “If you can’t do it once, look at it a hundred times”. These sayings of people who have failed throughout the ages have been inspiring.

Many successful people, including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, JK Rowling, have come so far but failed miserably. No!

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When you review the lives of great and successful people, you will see how many failures they have each come up with. Then you will be disappointed with your failures, you take inspiration from the lives of successful people. If they had given up then, they would never have succeeded. Do you want to be successful? So are you going to give up now?


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