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Don’t Do These Just after having Meal

Don't Do These Just after having Meal
Don't Do These Just after having Meal

We do some kinds of stuff on a regular basis after having our meal. Some of those are very harmful to our health maybe we don’t aware of it. Here I discuss those kinds of stuff we shouldn’t do from today after just having our meal. 


Don’t East Fruits Just after Having Meal

It’s very common to eat some fruit after completing our meal, especially in Asian Countries. Almost all of them think its very healthy things. But believe me or not, this is not good at all. Fruit helps to clear the intestine. But if we eat fruit just after having the meal, it hampers our digest system. So, we should take a break around 20-30 minutes between eating fruits. Yes, if you can do it, you can do exact healthy stuff.

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Tea of Coffee after the Meal

This bad habit holds many people nowadays. The habit of drinking tea or coffee is very bad soon after eating. Though this practice has become fashionable to some people, please stay away from it after lunch or dinner. There are many side effects for this like acidity, bad digestion, etc. Sometimes acidity may form a heart attack. So, don’t have a cup of tea or coffee immediately after the meal. Try to take it after 20-30 minutes.


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Don’t Smoke

Smoking is a seriously bad habit. We shouldn’t smoke at all. But there are many people smoke cigarettes. If you smoke after the meal, you are doing double harm to you. You are destroying your digestion gradually. At least, do smoke after 30 minutes of your meal, do less harm to you.

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Please remember these three things to stay healthy. These are some common mistakes we are doing regularly. We have to change this habit for good. 


source: Versatile Genius


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