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Rakul Preet Singh is now the biggest name in the Indian movie industry. She is known as one of the most bankable stars not just in Tollywood but also in Kollywood and Bollywood, Rakul has risen from strength to strength if one looks at her career path. She attracts us with her beauty, smile, and of course her energetic appearance on screen. She is widely called “Beauty with Brain”. Here we covered some lesser-known facts about Rakul Preet Singh which you might not know but you should know as being one of her fans.

Some Less Known Fact About Rakul Preet Singh

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Ra + Kul = Rakul

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Once in an interview, Rakul Preet Singh shared an interesting story behind her name. Her father Rajender Singh and mother Kulwinder Singh both wanted their first-born baby to have their names. So they ended up with the most practical solution – to combine the first syllables of both their names. This is how the name “Rakul” had created. Isn’t it interesting?

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Started Acting for Pocket Money

Rakul Preet Singh Started Acting for Pocket Money

Except for die-hard fans, many people don’t know that Rakul’s debut film was not in Hindi, Telugu, or Tamil, it was in Kannada! She debuted with Gilli in 2009 with the aim of earning some extra pocket money at the age of 18. She won critical acclaim for her role in this movie. She took a short break to complete her studies before returning back to the movie with Keratam and Yuvan in 2011.

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Not Only Golfs

Not Only Golfs

Rakul Preet Singh was always into sports and was very active since her childhood. Many of us know the actress is fond of golf and was even a national-level player, the fauji kid has tried her hand at everything from lawn tennis to horse riding too. What’s more? She even learned karate and is a blue belt.

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Fitness with Dance

Fitness with Dance

We all know that Rakul is a fitness freak, someone who does everything in her capacity to stay active and healthy. She never compromises her gym and yoga for her professional and personal life. The actress is also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, state reports. She even practices the traditional art form whenever she finds the time to do so in between her shoots.

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Beauty with Brains

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We all know that Rakul Preet Singh is known for her modeling and acting gigs, even for taking part in Femina Miss India in 2011. She ends up as the fifth runner-up there. But What many don’t know is that she’s a geek at heart. She studied mathematics in college and is pretty good at numbers, graduating before she returned back to films professionally.

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31-year old actress Rakul Preet Singh is just amazing. From fitness to acting to sports to education, she is just a complete package. She is at the peak time of her career. Hopefully, she will be the best actress in the industry. Best wishes from Motion Talkies Family.


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