Smoking Does Not Make You Affected by Corona!

Some Ugandan experts have given hope to smokers as the coronavirus has spread around the world.

According to them, those who smoke regularly will not be able to attack by corona. A Ugandan expert said: “We have found that those who smoke regularly have a lower incidence of corona disease. So those who smoke should be allowed to buy cigarettes. ”

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In the wake of this study, a group of American scientists said, “Our research has come up with such results. But we did not disclose that because smoking is harmful to health. However, we are requesting the government to reduce the price of cigarettes. ”

After hearing this news, Bangladeshi researchers said, “We know this. We used to tell everyone. But before us, they have revealed what else to do. However, we will not reduce but increase the price of cigarettes in Bangladesh. This will benefit the traders as well as the government.”

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After listening to the research, the reaction of some Bangladeshi smokers was noticeable. One of them said, “After I started smoking, I realized that one-day smoking would save us. One day the parents will pressure us to smoke. Today I am very happy. I will have a Benson Switch party with friends today.”

Another smoker's father said, “I don't talk to my son because he smokes. But I will talk to him today. From today I will also smoke with him. If I had known beforehand that smoking is so beneficial, I would have smoked regularly. ”

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One of the non-smokers said, “I started smoking after seeing this news on Facebook last night. My father and my brother also started smoking. I hope none of us will be affected by the Corona Virus.”

Smoking pollutes the environment. However, some doctors advise everyone to smoke because it may save from the Corona Virus. However, no one is responsible for cancer.


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