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Human Mind and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence or EI is the proper management of the expression of one's own and others' emotions in daily life. It is also called Emotional Quotient – EQ. EQ is the ability to realize one's own and others' emotions, moods, desires, thoughts, and the ability to adapt to everyone.

It's not as easy as I said. If that really easy, there would not be so many relationships broke around. Just think, if we could understand what was going on in the minds of others, how many misunderstandings would have ended, wouldn't it? How many relationships would have been stronger instead of breaking up?

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Almost all of the time, man is controlled by his emotions. And, most of the problems in daily life are caused by this emotion. These problems can be avoided if emotions are properly understood and controlled. Also, many goals can be achieved. This is why EQ is so important. Even various studies around the world have shown that whether we can succeed in the future depends only on 20 percent on our IQ (Intelligence Quotient). And the remaining 80 percent depends on our EQ. So, EQ is considered more important than IQ in terms of success.

The following 4 things have to be followed for EQ:

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1. Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is about being aware of one's feelings, weaknesses, strengths, values ​​, goals, and keeping these in mind when making decisions. Try to understand your feelings. Maybe you get a little angry and you can't keep your head cool. Try to understand what is the reason behind making you angry easily. Is this anger in you because of anything happened past? Or something else? Try to understand this. Try to avoid those reasons or people that are easily annoying you.

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2. Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is an attempt to control one's harmful emotions or attitudes or to adapt to a changed situation. Self-control is very important. Those who are self-controlled can easily keep their negative emotions away. It does not have a negative impact on their lives, e.g. Not making the right decision easily by being emotional, not doing anything without thinking, etc.

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3. Social Skills

This is the main goal of Emotional Intelligence. Just like you kept an eye on yourself to understand yourself, do the same with the people around you. The moment you begin to understand the people around you, to mingle with them, it will be much easier to manage your relationship with them.

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4. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to be aware of the feelings and needs of others when making decisions. A sympathetic person usually has a very high level of EI or Emotional Intelligence due to which he can easily understand the feelings/needs of those around him, whether the feelings/needs are apparently visible or not.

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Some of the Qualities of a Person who has Good EQ:

Notice the characteristics of the Emotional Intelligent People mentioned below. Can you find any match with your habits?

People who excel at EQ are Versatile Genius, skilled in acquiring visionary qualities. They have the ability to penetrate deep into the heart, adapt and maintain good relationships with everyone, they are aware of their feelings, they know how to take breaks at the right time, they can catch their mistakes through analysis and apologize for those mistakes without any hesitation. Moreover, they realize that no one is perfect. Not asking for forgiveness is like not giving a wound a chance to heal. When the guilty person is moving forward in his life, people with EQ give themselves a chance to move forward by forgiving him without unnecessarily incurring resentment on that person. They are humane, sincere, and accurate in their dealings with others as they have the ability to evaluate their inner beauty rather than their outer beauty. As a result, they are more capable in administration, sales, marketing, motivation, and development strategies.

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Emotional intelligence, like all other skills, can be used in both moral and immoral ways. Just as we can get rid of many negative feelings through this, many can use this skill to influence others to achieve many negative goals. Just like the people involved in ISIS use their EQ to manipulate others and engage in terrorist activities. So we also need to acquire the skills to resist its harmful effects.

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