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5 YouTube Channels That Will Make Us Smart!


What do we usually do on YouTube? We watch songs, funny videos, movie trailers, or movies/dramas. Some of us use YouTube to find a solution to a problem. If you think about it, you will find that we usually use YouTube to pass the time. Well, what if the time spent watching videos on this YouTube could be spent a little smarter? I watched videos, spent time, and learned something new. There are many YouTube channels whose purpose in making videos is to teach something new and introduce new ideas. Today I will introduce you to 5 YouTube channels from where you can learn something new every day.

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The first name that comes to mind when talking about a learning channel is TED. People who regularly watch educational videos on YouTube or work on new ideas but haven't heard of Ted's name probably won't be found. What is Ted actually? Ted is an idea-sharing platform. What the celebrities share at the TED conference is shared with everyone on this YouTube channel. What are they talking about? They talk about education, medicine, industry, trade, jobs, travel. Their purpose is to reach out to everyone so that their ideas and words can reach them.

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Common Sense Education

Common sense is not a matter of learning. This is a matter of practice. But in some cases, it seems that people really need to be taught common sense. Some people need to be given separate classes, such as monitoring people's personal affairs, teasing them, showing whimsy about responsibility, confusing the online world and the real world. But it is not possible to explain to everyone by calling them to class. So this channel is there to convey the right word to them.

This channel not only makes videos on these topics but also there are different videos here about the qualities that an ideal citizen needs to have in the present age, what to do to become an ideal parent, how the child's mind works. Moreover, this channel also talks about how the world has become tolerable or miserable in the eyes of today's youth.

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“This is SciShow and we hate not knowing” – you must understand what is meant by this. There is no end to knowing. There are always new things happening in this world. It happened a long time ago but there are still cases where I don't know the reason. From the mysteries of the ocean world to the thrilling events that have taken place across space. Starting with the origin of computer viruses, our immunity has increased. All these things are talked about in SciShow.

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Big Think

Now let's think about something where philosophy and politics are involved with science. Well, what are the thoughts of philosophers? When the country's economy begins to collapse, how should the decision be taken? What are the levels to achieve self-esteem? Is Time Travel Really Possible? Are very talented people talented from birth? This channel comes up with such thoughts. Once you get acquainted with these thoughts, you will start thinking about the world anew. Will start thinking of solutions to many complex questions. Learn many more new things.

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It’s Okay To Be Smart

Think about it and tell me what you want to know. Space? Virtual reality? Your pet dog habit? Bee honey? Is the shape of the earth round or flat? As you can see from the name of the channel, it is not a bad thing to know all this. You know the things that interest you. And It's Okay To Be Smart channel that will help you. This channel will show you all the detailed information about all the mysteries of the world.


All of the channels mentioned here make videos with their target audience in mind. Every time they bring new information in front of the viewers by keeping the main content of their channel. If you want, you can also make videos like these and share your words with everyone. You don't always have to rely on a YouTube channel for this. If you want, you can share your video with everyone on Facebook.


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